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At Invictus Analytics, we recognize the unique scheduling and workload demands that vary among players based on their age. Our comprehensive programs are meticulously crafted to accommodate all members, aligning daily workouts with their specific playing and practice schedules, whether it's during the season or in the off-season.

meet the team

Justin Berg

“Justin was a great competitor and is a terrific instructor as well. Everything he does he pours his heart and soul into!”

- Steve Foster

Colorado Rockies Pitching Coach

"Justin, you are extremely easy to work with.  You have a way of taking pitching mechanics and breaking it down so that it was easy for my son (14u) to understand and you also talked about how to pitch and think like a pitcher.  I’m so glad for the opportunity to have you teach my son about pitching and we look forward to continuing to learn from you."

- Shawn Metcalf

Tom Davis

"Tom Davis, a person who has the characteristics of drive, motivation, care, and significant knowledge of baseball. I was 17 years old when I met Tom and he’s been an important person in my life since. Not only from the baseball recruiting side but from a role model and leadership side. Not only did he provide me an opportunity to play college baseball but educated me on the professional side as well. If you’re looking for a person who puts your child first and before his own life then this is your guy. After the fact he finds you a place to play, he continues to stay in touch and reconnect with your experience wherever you are! I was blessed to meet Tom Davis and I would point anyone in his direction. The guidance and effort he brings promotes nothing but the best for an athlete! Without him I am not sure how my baseball career would have ended up. Thank you Tom.

- Colby Johnson

"Tom Davis is the person you want to help your athlete with the recruiting process. He is excellent at evaluating talent and makes the most appropriate recommendations for your child. His years in the industry help with this tiring, difficult process. I highly recommend him."

- Dr. Charles Simkovich

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OUR technology

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Pitching & Hitting Memberships

Our professional-grade training methodology empowers members to dictate their own pace, allowing for flexible scheduling and freedom to arrive and depart at their convenience within our generous 3-hour training blocks.

1 on 1

Private Coaching

All participants have access to the full range of training activities offered during our in-house sessions, including pitching, hitting, fielding, catching, and more. If you have specific areas of your game you'd like to enhance, we're here to tailor the training to meet your needs.


Camps & Clinics

Led by experienced coaches and instructors, our camps and clinics offer a supportive learning environment where participants can sharpen their abilities, refine techniques, and deepen their understanding of the game.

Homeschool Group Training

We understand the unique needs of homeschool athletes who seek flexible training options to accommodate their schedules. That's why we offer daytime training sessions tailored specifically for them, allowing them to optimize their time and free up evenings and weekends for other pursuits.

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